Review: Farsight Enclaves A Codex Tau Empire: Supplement


Well better late than never in my humble opinion. Normally I would have had this written up on release day however time got away from me quickly between competing in a local tournament – Winter Warfest and starting a new contract at work! Very busy indeed! That said I earned players choice at the tournament with the Death Guard army I’ve been working on. More on the tournament in my next blog, in the meantime here is a quick review of the latest Warhammer 40’000 supplement, Farsight Enclaves.

Like the previous supplement, Iyanden, Farsight Enclaves goes into excellent detail on the back story of O’shovah and his Tau renegade followers. The supplement also contains rules for fielding a Farsight Enclave Army, stratagems for city fight and planet fall missions and its own set of themed missions you can play out with your fellow gamers. So what sets a Farsight Enclave list apart from your regular Tau Empire list? Well the most obvious thing that has changed is that crisis suit teams are a troops choice, however it’s a 1+ mandatory choice. Furthermore, all units that have the option of having the bonding knife must take this option. Their fluffy bit of kit is that they have preferred enemy: orks and that Aun’Va and Commander Shadowsun can not be included in your army.

Farsight Enclaves also has its own set of signature systems and warlord traits that replace those from Tau Empire. Some of the signature systems are solid such as the talisman of Arthas Moloch, which offers a 5+ invulnerable save and a great psychic defence boost or the seismic fibrillator node which makes all open terrain within 36″ difficult terrain. Other items aren’t as good and I struggle to see a place for them despite fitting with the Farsight backstory. The warlord traits are mediocre with none of them really standing out. The only trait that I like is the Fire Unquenchable which gives the warlord Fearless and units within 6″ stubborn.

Where the supplement comes into its own are the special characters known as the eight. Any number of the eight can be taken instead of the usual crisis suit bodyguard. The eight are essentially Farsight’s advisors and commanders from the Enclaves. 6 of the eight are crisis suits with varying kit and weaponry. The seventh member is a broadside battlesuit kitted with the ridiculous number of missiles they can have, while the eight member is no less than a riptide battlesuit. As the Farsight Enclaves can ally with a Tau Empire list this means you could potentially run 5 riptide suits!

Overall it’s a good supplement. That being said, while I was initially excited by the prospect of battlesuits coming out the wazoo, I looked deeper into it. I felt as though the signature systems and warlord traits somewhat let the supplement down. Moreover, even though the new special characters are very cool, they themselves do not constitute an effective list. While this is a great addition for anyone looking to go a bit fluffy in the gaming I would not recommend this for any serious gamers. For a competitive list I would stick with Codex: Tau Empire. Tomorrow I will have a look at some things that came up in last weekends tournament that is causing a stir on the local scene. Until then stay frosty!


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